Noelia Tomassi


Noelia starts singing at the age of 7. 
She explores Musical Theater, Pop, Soul and Blues
 and enjoys these styles up to the present day.

At 18 she moves to Europe, where she studies music theory
and starts singing Jazz professionally, based in Mallorca, Paris and now Berlin.

Upon rediscovering Tango, Noelia feels she is reconnecting
with her roots as a native of Buenos Aires.

With a clear and rich voice, capable of expressing fine sentiment and passion
as well as impeccable articulation, modulation and timing,
Noelia inspires and moves her audience wherever she performs.

Since 2019 she regularly gives live performances in the major milongas
and tango festivals of Berlin, collaborating closely with excellent tango pianists
as well as tango orchestras, and does studio recordings.

Please contact her for bookings.